Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet my summer Holga and New York City

The last two months of this past spring semester were the hardest two months of my entire life, Red Sox experience included. I got to New York City for my summer excursions and was beyond burnt out.

So, I decided to buy a Holga and some 120 and make some fun pictures for myself. I just got my first roll back today and thought I'd post my five favorites (out of 12...also known as the five that turned out; shot on Ilford XP2 400). I just took in a roll of color film, which I'll pick up and post next week when I return from Boston. But for now, enjoy:

A jazz trio in Washington Square Park

When the weather isn't so great, the LaGuardia flight path pays us a visit.

Thanks to all the June rain, I can actually drown out the sound of a 747 30 seconds before it touches down.

Times Square, to which I have a curious attraction. I like the giant man "on the street" in the left, a byproduct of me not winding my film far enough.

People just chillin' in the middle of Times Square, where there are tons of folding chairs available for your sitting pleasure.

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Justin said...

easily some of my favorite pictures from your blog.