Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet deliciousness

I've been baking these brownies for as long as I can remember. In fact, yesterday, when I called my mother for the recipe, she told me she bought the book that the recipe is in when she was pregnant with me. Yesterday, we had a guest stay at our house, so for that occasion, and because I was hankerin' to bake something I knew would turn out, I made these (all from scratch, frosting too):


(Doesn't it look like the plate is happy? I'd be happy too, if I were that plate.)


Christine said...

The last shot reminded me of another image I've seen lately from Serkan.

Chocolate does go well with coffee...

.:mallory:. said...

May I just say that it is incredibly difficult to shoot a brownie well? I googled for quite a long time to find a decent image of a brownie once for a newsletter I was working on for work. Everything looked like a gigantic, albeit symmetrical lump of poop. I decided then and there that some day when I have lots of time and am making brownies, I will personally create a great stock image of a brownie square.

Alas, you have beat me to it.