Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet ISO 6400

The hooligans of Daily Free Press past assembled at the end of May for an alumni event, but I couldn't get there until after the gig I was working that evening. I showed up just after midnight, after the party had relocated to a rooftop in Beacon Hill, which had absolutely no light.

Using a borrowed 5D Mark II set at ISO 6400, I made these three pictures in what, to the eye, looked like almost pitch black settings (safety note: the rooftop had a very high ledge; don't be worried). I had to focus using distance, since I couldn't tell and the auto focus certainly couldn't tell if anything through the lens was in focus. Not the greatest shots, but pretty cool that I was even able to make them.

The Boston sky at midnight.

Dave, lit by his iPhone.

I think this is a fairly accurate portrait of beloved former editor, Dan Atkinson.

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Justin said...

I love the effect low light and high ISO create in these photos, the blues are so beautiful and plentiful. Yum.