Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet my ode to learning flash: labs in review.

I didn't think I'd survive it, but I've made it through all the individual assignments involving flash for Advanced Techniques. A look back on the painful process for all to enjoy (or lament), done in the style for competition submission (amped up contrast, saturation AND vignetting: the trifecta):

Flash? Really? But...but...I can do fine with available light...
And flash just makes me that much more conspicuous to my subjects! (This shot was an intentional
homage to the amazing and hilarious laundromat shot we saw in class.)
Yeah, Jimmy, the idea of juggling another piece of equipment and
technical calculation makes me feel dead inside, too.
It's going to be okay, Will. We're all scared. Just wait it out.
I feel your pain, Anjali. Trust me, girl, I feel. Your. Pain.
Jakob's fancy German Leica flash has the ability to reach a higher power (badumpching).
He wastes no time calling out for help.
A huge, special, wonderful thanks to Catalin for holding our hands and drying our tears through this painful process.


Kevin A. Roberts said...

Actually, TRUE "competition submission" form (based on the actions taken today) would involve the addition of sound effect audiobytes to these pictures. ZING!

cata said...

so, miss sexton, don't rush into conclusions here. the flash's evil spirit is still going to haunt you for a while. u forgot about the multiple flash assignment, and the the flash gang bang aka your final project for this class..
lots of flashes and nasty reflections are waiting for you in your near future.

Christine said...

Thanks for the "ode"! While group work can be a bit frustrating I guess group-learning has more going for it... :)