Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet the St. James Grape and Fall Festival Parade


"We're On A Float! Winnin' plaques 'n' s***. We've got our spandex, and our flippie-floppies"
(To understand the reference, see this SNL digital short: On A Boat)

So my friend Josh Bickel edited a photo book on St. James, Missouri, for his Master's project and it was just published so he and his adviser/our professor Rita Reed and those of us photographers with work in the book who are still in the state built a big book float and rode in the town's Grape and Fall Festival parade today.

Photog's note: I shot these on 400-speed black and white film with a red filter.
Hellooooo, grain.

A giant book, which was then tethered to Josh, who was riding on a bike, "Bookin' it to St. James."

A Romanian and a German looking very American.

He's such a cherub.

Josh and a whole lotta spandex.

The float won first place among groups/organizations!

Josh is ready to go.

Rita said "we need to make sure to get shots of this float from the ground," so Jakob leaped off the bed of the truck, hit the deck and took this picture. She trained us well.

The photogs hit the pavement.

"We're on a float!"

Josh pulled that book for the whole parade. He was plumb tuckered out.


Michael W. Gray said...

Hope you liked my quaint little town. Float was nice.

Cat Szalkowski said...

I'm sad to admit that INSTANTLY i looked for the 'like' button on your blog after getting to the pic of Calin and Jakob on the truck bed... these are awesome, phoebes!

jamie said...

hahaha I love love love it!

Rita R. said...

Thanks for posting the pix - hey I haven't seen grain in years - tickled me pink. Thanks also for making the trip and being a part of the St. James Book release fun.

Vivian said...

these are the best. i'm so glad someone was there to document! its amazing how film photos [and the grain] feel like tangible history more than my digital files ever will.

Mrs. Haid said...

I stumbled on your blog looking for photos of the parade... I'm an MU alum and I loved seeing MU in the parade this year in STJ

photophanatic1887 said...

What happened to that lovely gigantic book? I want to add it to my box home when I graduate and have NO JOB