Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet my Minolta Autocord and the PhotoJ picnic

I finally got the film back of the photos I took at the previously posted Photojournalism "Welcome Back" picnic. I shot a roll of Ilford 50 ISO on my Minolta Autocord, metering with my Weston Master selenium meter. Nerdalicious. I'm still getting a hang of how best to shoot with the camera, particularly the focusing method, but here are some fun pictures.

Proof that Jakob Berr has successfully transitioned to American culture.

It wouldn't be a proper photo gatheration without a few photos of photographers photographing themselves taking photographs. (Yes, you read that right.)

See what I mean? Clint, with Kevin lurking in the background.

Photojournalism has never looked so cool.

Rita and Calin talk about serious things.

Rick is grillin' like a villain.

David and Calin made fire. They are proud.


Anjali Pinto said...

don't make me mizz mizzou!

Clint said...

i like that i'm the alcoholic of the photoj group.

John Schreiber said...

Oh my God... That photo of Jakob is classic... Please please please enter that in the CPOY portrait category or something.

Justin said...

I'm such a sucker for b/w and square film :-*

Cat Szalkowski said...

50 ISO Ilford?! I got way too excited when I heard that! I need to dig my Pentax out when I get home... LOVE these! :)

Rosa said...

i love these pics!
This is such a great blog