Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet my holiday card

As one should do on one's winter break, I have been lazing about in a brilliant imitation of a pile of shoes or laundry and, as a result, have been woefully neglectful of my dear blog, though I have many images to post.

To ease back into the habit, I would like to share with you the image I shot for my "holiday card" (because I failed to get my act together in time to send out cards that would arrive before the most notable of winter holidays but could still be used to celebrate the dawning of the new year).

I shot it in my apartment (yes that is my (most beloved) K1000 modeling), then jazzed it up in Photoshop, had a stack printed up via one-hour photo and then taped the pictures to blank cards. I am quite happy with the final product - it's exactly what I was hoping to produce and share with my friends.



Nicole said...

Hey Phoebe - I got mine the other day and love love love it! I owe you a phone call back - you have no idea how crazy this week has been. We'll talk soon!


Bonj said...