Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meet more of the LBC fall concert

As you can see, today has been a photo-filled day and I finally made some time to go through my take from the LBC gospel concert that I shot at the end of last semester. I posted two photos right after the concert and those two images were probably my favorite of the evening, but below is a slideshow of the runners-up.

I'm still frustrated with this project. I still don't feel I have really shown the story. I keep missing the little telling moments that piece together an accurate portrait of this choir and this genre of both music and worship. Feedback is much appreciated. Also, I apologize for the graininess, but I was not able to check out a camera that could handle the church's low light, so I did what I could with my 20D and RAW files. I hope you enjoy:


.:mallory:. said...

Found an INCREDIBLE program called Noiseware Professional Edition. Our flash went out at a recent wedding and didn't have a backup so had to push the D700 to ISO 3200 at f/2.8 in the candlelit wedding. I was terrified nothing would turn out but if you look at the post from Jan 1 on my blog a few of the pictures (after the one with the bride and her father) were done at the extreme settings. You might look into it if you haven't found anything that helps.

Other than that, I really really loved the 2 you posted first and then the picture from the sopranos' point of view especially. They are crisp. The one with Evan being the single focus also shows a lot.

You really did capture more than you may think. I also just posted ones from the concert just about a week ago. Too much to do!

Protégé Images Photography said...

Great images. What software are you using to allow yourself to have captions and credits on the pictures?