Saturday, December 13, 2008

Meet Phoebe, the early years

Hooray, it's my birthday! I turn 25 today and so far, it's been going great. I got a cake from my Boot Camp family ('s a j-school thing) and went out for some dancing and shouting and laughing. Lots of well-wishing AND, because I'm a Starbucks Gold Card Member, a free drink of my choice (and what a large one it is).

I am so happy.

So here are some of my baby photos, because those are always fun to look at:

I am pretty sure this is exactly 25 years ago:

6 months old:

A year...?:

And my kindergarten school photo:


yoon said...

Awww...a fellow Sagittarius. Happy Birthday!

Ryan said...

Baby Phoebe! (happy birthday)