Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meet 1,000 words


"Advanced Techniques of Photojournalism in a photographic nutshell"

In direct opposition to my previous post of optimism and serenity, I am putting up a picture that sums up the experience of using flashes/artificial light both for the subject and the photographer. I'm editing for my final project and found this very poorly executed gem in my outtakes.

I'm thinking 2009 CPOY...this screams "personal vision" (or lack thereof?).


(Sorry, mister.)


Matt Cavanah said...

hey, if Kids With Guns can win...

Clint said...

this should be titled Man with Bow when you put it in CPOY.

Christine said...

Poor guy! I bet he was left seeing stars for at least 10 minutes!

I love how this captures the feeling of being "flashed". I had to laugh!