Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet the Rev. Carl Lewis

The Rev. Carl Lewis mingles with the congregation in the sanctuary of Columbia's Second Missionary Baptist Church after Sunday's three-hour service. The Rev. Lewis is one of several assistant pastors supporting Senior Pastor Rev. Clyde Ruffin at the church and also works on its "heath and wellness" outreach ministry. By both teaching the congregation about various aspects of health-related issues and by visiting church members at home to work with medical and spiritual needs, the Rev. Lewis and Phyllis Golden, also a part of the ministry, work to make both the body and the soul better. [Feb. 3, 2008]


One of our first assignments in Fundamentals of Photojournalism was an icebreaker assignment, where we had to meet and photograph at least 10 subjects (basic, clean portraits) and produce a layout of our final images. This was my favorite shot from my project. I thought this was an awesome assignment to help get me back in the photo groove. I was amazed by the improvements I made from my first shots to my last in just a week. Also, I think the photo looks a bit weird online - it definitely looks better when printed out on matte paper.

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