Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meet Stuart

This is Stuart, one of my favorite colleagues from my time photographing hockey in Boston and, more recently, bumming around the dirt at Fenway Park:

Here we see the plucky Boston Herald photographer around 4:45 p.m., just arrived to cover the ALCS game between Boston and Cleveland on October 13, 2007. With media dining his next planned stop, Stu, as we can see, is happy. 
[Editor's note: what we see inside Stu's nose is the inside of Stu's nostril. No more, no less.]


But here is our friend Stu about nine hours later, around 1:40 a.m., during the 11th inning. It was extremely cold and the Red Sox were going through their 3rd or 4th pitching change of the inning en-route to losing by seven runs (which is lame because the game had managed to stay tied for more than a quarter of a day). Stu, as we can see, is not so happy (few Bostonians were):


[But he's still awesome!]

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