Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet my first season covering Boston University's men's hockey team

Tonight, I listened from 1500 miles away as my Boston University Terriers claimed their 29th Beanpot Tournament title, wearing my BU hockey jersey and driving my Twitter followers mad with incessant updates reacting to Bernie Corbett's call.

While chatting after the game with some fellow Terriers, I suddenly remembered an article I had written for the opinion section of The Daily Free Press, the paper for which I began truly covering hockey. I cut my teeth with assignments here and there through the Boston University Office of Photo Services, but with Steve and Mike, with our road trips and access to behind-the-scenes, I started to understand not just the game of hockey, but the world of hockey.

And thanks to the Internet, keeper of eternal records, I found said article and am sharing it here. It's not just about hockey, but about my first season photographing hockey. I hope you enjoy it:

Learning the game, loving a team, all through the lens.

As my friend and fellow Freeper Joe Rouse wrote, "Though you only get four years as a student, you get a lifetime as a Terrier."

I have a photograph I want to post here, but it's on film and needs to be scanned. I'll update soon.

Also of note:
My first-ever published photograph of hockey, taken at the first hockey game I'd ever seen:

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