Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meet the Meramec Spring...

I went to St. James, Missouri, for about 24 hours this past weekend to shoot a story for my graduate component in Picture Story. After meeting with the people I needed to talk with, I drove around aimlessly, enjoying the rolling hillsides and nice weather. I happened to catch a sign pointing to Meramec Spring and thought I'd check it out, since I'd never seen a spring before. It's impressive to see so much water just pop (er, "spring"...?) out of the ground like this. The area is also a fish sanctuary and had several pools chock-full of various sizes of fish. [Insert lame joke about "shooting fish in a barrel" here.]



Kevin A. Roberts said...

Looks like a pretty calm place, or at least that's what these pictures give off. I do wish the first picture wasn't so square though. Props to aimless wandering in a new place to find new scenes.

sarah beth glicksteen said...

Pretty fishies... No pun today.

photophanatic1887 said...

That is beautiful!!!!!