Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet a bolt of lightning...


So I finally finished and defended my master's thesis and graduated from Mizzou and moved to Dallas, Texas, to seek my fortune and am finally settled enough to resurrect vital life functions such as blogging and eating protein and sleeping.

A summer thunderstorm popped up out of the heat over my apartment this evening. When I looked out my window to investigate the source of the thunder, I saw an amazing sky (a staple of Texas, I'm finding) of several layers of clouds that had lightning bouncing around among them. I grabbed my camera and sat on the top step of my balcony for a few minutes before the storm either dissipated or ran away or hid (or a combination thereof. I'm glad I managed to get this picture (and this bolt - my first, I think) and am looking forward to shooting and blogging and enjoying my new city.