Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet Eric Wright

Here is the character profile with audio that I did for my picture story class. It was my first time doing an audio story on something other than a musical group, which made editing the audio much more difficult for me. I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, though there are a few types of shots I wish I could have gotten. The color is a bit dull because I forgot to convert the images to sRGB and had already done all the timing in SoundSlides and I didn't have the time to re-sequence the whole thing. I have to rebuild the show in FinalCut, though, so I'll convert the images and repost.

Anyway, on to the project. I hope you enjoy it:


Clint said...

great shot to end with! i like.

Anonymous said...

aww thats so qt. great job feebs. i enjoyed the timing of photos with taking the irish car-bomb (i'm assuming that was the drink they took).

nice work. i didn't know eric was a sociology major. he just got extra bonus points. as if he needed more.

Anjali Pinto said...

I'm in class so I can't listen to the audio, but I love the photos!

Melissa Wade said...

Great job. If you are ever bored and feel like explaining how you do the audio stuff, I'd love to hear it.