Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meet the Final Project...(draft #1)

Update! The project has been re-edited and posted in a new post. Click on "Introductions" at the top of the page to go to the main page of my blog so you can see the final product!

This is the first final draft of my final project. I covered the LBC Gospel Choir here at Mizzou for most of the semester. There will probably be tweaks on this, but for now, I am reveling in being so very nearly finished!


Anjali Pinto said...


John T said...

Phoebe, this is great. I love the narration -- like one of those NPR interviews where they edit out all the questions, so people just tell their stories in their own voice. Nice work.

William Lounsbury said...

holly shit!
why would u do this, you know there is no way I can compete!

= ) Great job

Stuart Peterson said...

I want to marry you.

Dominick Reuter said...

UN-REAL! it moves and moves and moves. The life of this choir vibrates through every word and image. This is the very reason why this new medium was invented. You are taking images and sound that could each stand alone and combining them to make something truly unique. I will revisit this again and again.

My only two suggestions would be to slow down toward the beginning so we can absorb those images more as we are introduced to the group, and maybe switch the order of the last two frames. Knowing you, you probably already tried that and have a reason for the order that showed up in this version.

Keep it up Phoebe. You're spot on with this project.